Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Book Fair

Old books, new books, fiction books or true books, doesn't really matter what type, I just love books. So when the opportunity to help out with the book fair arose, I signed up.

As one of the volunteers, I helped to pick out, sort, price, organize, and set up the books to sell. I knew when I signed up there would be responsibilities, but my passion for books is why I got involved.

But some days, all the jobs that had to be done to get the books ready to sell, prevented me from seeing the wonderful books we had.

It was when we started to put the books on display, that I really saw exactly what books we possessed. Beautiful nature books, fun picture books, chapter books, biographies, and so much more. Then I began flipping through the pages of the brightly colored books and reading poems from the poetry books. I stared to gain information about what was inside. Now I had lots of things to share with the students when they came to purchase the books. What would I have missed if I only worked on the details?

I would have missed the reason for the book fair.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to do the work to make the book fair a success. It needed to be done. The books won't sell packed up in boxes. And I want the books to sell. Not just because the money will benefit our school, but because the books can change the lives of the kids who read them.

So....I started pondering and saw that it corresponded with some things I have been working out in my spiritual life.

When I "signed up" for the Christian life it wasn't for the busy work that often comes with it. Teaching Life Group, going to Bible studies, doing nursery, etc. all important, but not the reason I became a Christian.

It was because of God~ His love, His justice, His mercy, His grace, His faithfulness. It was because of Jesus~ His sacrifice, His love, His forgiveness.

If I'm so busy doing, doing, doing that I don't sit at His feet and enjoy Him, so busy that I don't nurture my relationship with Him, so busy that I don't take the time to love others the way He does, so busy that I don't really see who He is, so busy that I walk out of the steps He has planned for me, what am I missing? Even if the work is meaningful, what am I missing?

There is definitely work to be done. I can't say no to everything, don't even want to, but I want to be like Mary~ she chose the one thing that what was most important. I want to be like Jesus, He chose to consult the Father on everything before He set out to do the work of the day.

I want to reflect Him. I want to sit at His feet. I want to fully live the life He has purposed just for me.

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