Saturday, April 14, 2007

My five things

I'm thankful for.....

1. The rain.

2. Finding out that we will be able to send some goodies to our sweet Natasha at the orphanage in Russia. In November, she was moved to a new orphanage. The move was a good one for she and her brother, so we were very happy about it. But, since she is not longer at Kostroma, Crystal and Squeaky are not going to be able to see her on their trip to Russia this month and we were not going to be able to send anything over for her. Last night we received some good news. A different group will be visiting her orphanage this month! They are allowing all sponsors to send a gallon sized bag full of fun treats that they will deliver to the children. It made all of us happy to be able to shop for her. Grant didn't even mind that we had to go to Walmart.

3. How much Grant is enjoying soccer.

4. A warm place to sleep tonight.

5. My new toothbrush.

1 comment:

  1. Yea! I didn't know you were here. I am so excited!

    I end almost everyday with a prayer of thankfulness that begins with "thank you, Lord, for these soft sheets, and this comfortable bed, a warm house, safety..." and goes on until I fade off. I am just overwhelmed by the millions of small blessings that touch me every day!

    Love you!