Monday, June 4, 2007

Children's HopeChest

About two years ago, I met Crystal B. at an meeting she was leading on how to help orphans in Russia. At the time, I was the mission coordinator for our church. I went to the meeting looking for ways our church could be involved. She was speaking on behalf of an organization called Children's HopeChest. CHC brings food, shelter, and hope in the name of Jesus to orphans in Russia and Africa. She and I connected immediately on a deep level. She is passionate about orphans. You only have to be around her for a few minutes before you see it.

The day that we met, she gave me a book written by Tom Davis, the president of CHC, titled Fields of the Fatherless. I read the book that afternoon, Todd read it the next day. It confirmed the life changing things that God had been revealing to us over the past year. The Christian life is about living out what we say we believe, loving each other, taking care of those "less fortunate", being Jesus to everyone our life touches. It's about action. It's not about mission opportunities, it's about seeing that everyday is an opportunity to reflect Jesus.

Todd did some financial research on CHC (always important). Everything checked out. We knew we needed to get involved. We began sponsoring an 13 year old orphan girl, Natasha. This November, I plan to take my first trip with CHC to Swaziland. That meeting with Crystal two years ago was not an accident. Without a doubt, that meeting was a part of God's purpose for me.

Through Crystal, Todd and I met Tom in February of 2006. The first time I met him, the passion he had for being Jesus to orphans and widows around the world was obvious and contagious. He doesn't just talk about it or write about, he lives it. Over the past year, he has also become a friend.

Now that you know some of the background, here is the reason for this post.

For the month of June, Tom, his wife Emily, five of their children, many of their friends, and 100 world racers are in Swaziland, Africa. Their goal is to bring Jesus to children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, loss of parents, hunger, and hopelessness.
They will be visiting CHC carepoints, AIDS hospitals, and much more in the name of Jesus. Tom is posting video and updates of their trip on his blog.

Please check it out. Get involved by praying for lives to change and above all for God to be glorified.

This is what it's all about...

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