Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ruth Graham

I lost one of my heroes today. Though I never met her personally, Ruth Graham impacted my life.

Several years ago, while reading Franklin Graham's autobiography, Rebel With a Cause, I became fascinated with the faithful mother who raised him. At the time, I was just beginning my journey of motherhood. Her example of unconditional love was beautiful and one I've tried to follow with my son.

Through the years, I have read many of her books. I loved those glimpses into the lives of the Grahams. And as much as I respect Billy Graham, I've always been drawn to the great woman that supported him for over 60 years.

I loved her spunk, her loyalty, her willingness to obey God completely even when that required tremendous personal sacrifice, and her ability to stay above reproach.

She submitted to Billy's calling as an evangelist~ not out of duty, but out of love for her God.
She faithfully raised her children, often all on her own.
She never lost herself.
She stayed true to her beliefs.
She kept her sense of humor.
She was feisty.
She was real.
She loved her husband and he loved her.
She loved God with all of her heart and now she is whole and without pain in His presence.


  1. I need to read that. I could do better in the unconditional love area.

    I would love for us to talk soon. Your name came up with a stranger I met in the Alabaster Library who knows you. You must leave impressions every where you go.

  2. Graced - She does. That's a testament to how you've impacted people like Ruth has impacted you!!

  3. You are both so sweet. You have me curious, g.