Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prayer for Rain

During the week of July 1-7, our Governor asked the people of Alabama to pray for the rain we desperately need in our state. The week of prayer ended on Saturday. The rain began on Saturday and has continued every day this week with the exception of Thursday.

The rain has brought more than just physical refreshment to me this week. Every shower has been a simple reminder of God's provision and faithfulness. He hears the prayers of His people. They change our world and they can change the world.


  1. I agree - I had a friend comment during that week that it was nice that the Gov. asked that, but "it doesn't seem to have done much good." I am so happy that it did - on several levels. Such a great statement of faith to even ask that, and then look what God's done!

  2. I have thanked God for His response and timing several times, also!

    ps don't hold out on us so long