Monday, July 30, 2007


For the past three years, I've been asking a lot of questions in my spiritual life. Freeing questions, questions like...

What does the Christian life look like?
What is kingdom living?
If I could see into God's heart, what would I find?
Does God care to make us comfortable?
Does comfort equal blessing?
Should the Christian life even be comfortable?
If we all serve the same God and listen to the same Holy Spirit, why all the disunity in the body of Christ?
Why are there starving, dying people in the world while the body of Christ sits in large, air conditioned buildings on Sunday mornings?
What does it mean to be a good steward of my time, money, and life?
What does giving looking like?
Does a big church mean that God is present there and bestowing big blessings?
Does a small church mean the opposite?
What does it mean to really love my neighbor?
Is God pleased with the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart?
Am I loving my 'enemies'?
Am I hearing His voice or are there too many distractions?

For some I have found answers, for others I'm still looking. Sometimes I like the answers, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I do what I'm supposed to, and sometimes I'm really selfish. Sometimes I know the answers before I ask them. Some I have to ask everyday.

By asking these questions, my Christian life has changed. I'm no longer doing things because some one else tells me I should. I am striving to hear and listen to the Spirit. Sometimes that listening leaves an unsettledness in my spirit, not a lack of peace, but a prodding. A prodding toward my purpose. A desire to freely say yes to whatever God has for me. A knowledge that even though God's yoke is easy, taking that yoke means getting rid of the one I still hold on to.

Over the next few weeks my blog will have some of what I've learned and some of what I'm still pondering, asking, and processing through. Feel free to comment, ignore, or disagree. All I ask is that you will think about it. Ask yourself questions. Ask God questions. Know why you do what you do.


  1. Great questions. So many people seem to be taking the same journey. I look forward to your answers, and to see what God will do with this fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit.

  2. You - one of my dear "thinker" friends really do make me stop and think about some really important things. Some of those questions, I ask too. Others, I never really thought about. It is amazing how much we accept without questioning. I'm looking forward to listening myself and seeing how God speaks to you.