Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Song...

Our college minister preached a sermon this morning about knowing Jesus and living our lives to follow Him. Following Him isn't always easy. It's not really that popular either. Going to church is popular, doing church things are even popular, but they really aren't the same as knowing Jesus. Sometimes following Him means we don't get to do what we want, we don't get what we think we deserve, we don't even know the plan. There is suffering. There is sacrafice. There is also the reward of Jesus- knowing Him, sharing Him, living the life that He purposed for us. As Brian said, "the cost is high, but the benefits are higher."

This song came to my mind several times during the message.

I Repent
Derek Webb

I repent, I repent of my pursuit of America's dream
I repent, I repent of living like I deserve anything
Of my house, my fence, my kids, my wife
In our suburb where we're safe and white
I am wrong and of these things I repent

I repent, I repent of parading my high liberty
I repent, I repent of paying for what I get for free
And of the way I believe that I am living right
By trading sins for others that are easier to hide
I am wrong and of these things I repent

I repent judging by a law that even I can't keep
Of wearing righteousness like a disguise
To see through the planks in my own eyes

I repent, I repent of trading truth for false unity
I repent, I repent of confusing peace and idolatry
By caring more of what they think than what I know of what we need
Of domesticating you until you look just like me
I am wrong and of these things I repent.


  1. What a great song. That message has been ringing in my head too. Thanks for the song. I'm going to download it...

  2. That is a great song. Several lines hit pretty hard too. Trading sins for the ones I can hide.. ouch! I've wanted to hear him since you have been talking about him so thanks for sharing. I thought Brian's message was great too!

  3. A Wish for a Friend-

    Wishing you a rainbow
    For sunlight after showers—
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours—
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through!