Saturday, August 4, 2007

My boy

There are days that I look at my life and am just overwhelmed by the blessings it holds. This week we celebrated Grant's eighth birthday and in this post I want to celebrate him! Just looking at him, fills my heart with joy. Here are some of the reasons why...

He has a love of learning.
I love his green eyes that are just like mine.
I love that he is not afraid to be himself, just like his dad.
I love that when he reads he never just passes by a word he doesn't understand.
He is the protector of his cousins and loves them dearly.
I love how he looks like a surfer dude in the summer with his blonde hair and great tan.
He loves his family.
I love his tender heart.
I love his quirky sense of humor.
He has a spirit of contentment.
I love that he sticks to a task until it is all the way finished.
He is an observer and he doesn't miss the details.
I love his hugs.
Sometimes he is really silly.
He is an encyclopedia of Nascar information.
I love how he prays almost every night for the men at the Firehouse shelter and "for the poor people of the world to have what they need and for them to especially find Jesus because He is what they need most."
I love that he likes U2 and Rich Mullins.
He loves Animal planet.
He makes sure that everything recyclable goes into the recycle bin.
He loves calculators, watches, and maps.
I love how kindly he treats his dog.
He doesn't take things at face value- he asks questions until he understands.
He is loyal.
He fits the meaning of his name- "God's great gift".

Happy Birthday Grant!


  1. I agree, he's a great kid. I love him too!!!

  2. What a gift he is. I'm so thankful for him and his wonderful self. How can he not be wonderful? He has such great parents!