Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Chase

Here's how our Halloween night began. I went out on the front porch to sweep leaves off the steps so it looked nice for the "trick or treaters" and so we could avoid a law suit from someone tripping on them as they came to the door for candy. Gordon, the dog, was in the house. Grant came out on the porch to tell me something and left the door open. The dog escaped.

Since this was Gordon's first taste of freedom, he ran at top speed to appreciate it fully. So for the next half hour I drove, ran, hiked, and fumed through our neighborhood trying to grab that stubborn beagle. We finally caught him by cornering him in someone's back yard. He was standing by their fence howling at their dogs. I snuck up behind him and grabbed him.

I drove home, got out of the car, picked him up to carry him in, and he jumped out of my arms and ran off again. At that moment it took all of the self-control I possess to keep my "lips from speaking guile."

So, for the next hour we tromped through many more backyards, up very large hills, and through some heavily wooded areas so we would not lose sight of him. Grant was very concerned for his safety.

I'm sure if you had been watching it, it would have been hilarious, but at that moment it really wasn't.

By the time we captured him the second time, I had a headache, scuffed up feet since I was wearing flip flops, and Grant has a bruise on his knee from a spill he took as he tried to grab Gordon. All I really wanted to do was lay down, but our night was just beginning.

Thankfully the rest of it went off without a hitch. Grant was an Auburn football player, complete with shin guards that even though they couldn't be seen under his sweat pants he wore because they "just made him feel more realistic." We made the shoulder pads from bubble wrap and foam sheets. He looked great. (pictures coming soon)

We visited with a few of our neighbors and met some new ones. Then we went to a big fall festival at a local church. Grant had fun, saw some friends from school, and got lots of candy.

And Gordon still has a home- which was in question during that very long 90 minutes.


  1. I am sooo sorry! LOL! Can't laugh too much though. You are the precious friend who caught Sophi on her first escape from home. I owe you! Love ya!

  2. Oh, man! I totally feel for you. Sadie has gotten out the front door soooooo many times, but luckily through some great suggestions, we have always been able to retrieve her fairly quickly. She will always jump right in the car if she sees us. If I am on foot, I get a really serious look on my face and breath really heavily. She stops dead in her tracks every time and I look around to see if anyone saw how silly I look. I am so sorry it took so long.

  3. My mouth is hanging open. I so remember those times with my Daddy's dogs. I would drive around the neighborhood with my head hanging out the window, screaming, "SAMBOOOOOOOO...." over and over again. I feel your pain!!! I'm glad he still has a home. (And I hear you saying, "Dakota NEVER escaped and ran around the neighborhood...!);)

  4. Oh, Dakota did the same thing. She was gone for four days once. We thought we had lost her forever, put up posters, the whole deal. It's life with a beagle I guess. They are made to hunt.

  5. Did he ever stoppped looked at you and then took off again? Betsy used to do that. But you're right, that's life with a Beagle. Funny story, although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. :~)

  6. I'm tired...whew! Glad all is ok now-I identify w/dog chases & Brooksey chases. Sorry, but you had me laughing:)