Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today's Five

1. Lunch with a great bunch of college kids that just really are a joy to be around. There is a side benefit- I feel about 10 years younger when I'm with them.

2. Watching a dear friend's daughter have the desire to make her devotion to Jesus public today through baptism. It was such a beautiful moment of witnessing an answered prayer. Way to go, Laney!

3. A new monster mug!!!!!!! Many months ago I blogged about the sad day I broke my monster mug. Today at church, Amy (and Jennifer) handed me a package with a brand new monster mug inside! I know how hard it was to find, but they found one and surprised me with it. How sweet was that?

4. Todd scrubbed the shower in our bathroom yesterday.

5. The guest room is clean!


  1. I am laughing so hard at the part about Todd scrubbing the shower. It is a huge and wonderful thing here when Will does the same. That is alway the last thing on my list. I love the idea of the five things you are grateful for and now I understand Amy's monster mug.

  2. I can't take much credit for the mug, except for totally encouraging Amy to bid on it. I'm good at spending other people's money. Not that it cost much or anything...just sayin'.