Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our New Mac

In October it was time to buy a new computer. Our dell was approaching it's eighth year and was on it's way out. Todd did some research and we decided to go with an Apple since they are now PC compatible. He ordered one from a licensed Mac dealer online. We got a great deal and the new operating system- Leopard. After just a few days he called me from work with good news and bad news- The good news we got our new computer! YEA! The bad news it didn't work. Ok, so after 3 weeks of sending it back, having it sent to us still not working, and sending it back again, only to be returned to us AGAIN not working, we finally got our money back. And without boring you with the details, let me just say, it was a struggle to get our money back.

But, we were determined to try a Mac. We decided that one was just a a "lemon".

Everyone we knew with an Apple computer loved them and had never had any issues. SO, we bought another one, this time directly from Apple. Still got a good deal. We loved so many things about it. It was so quiet (our last one was 8 years old=) There was only one cord. No big computer box. The screen had a great picture. Iphoto is a great way to store photos. There were just so many fun features.

For about a month everything was great. In December it began occasionally locking-up and we would have to restart which seemed very unusual for a brand new computer, but we let it go since it wasn't that often. Then last week, it began shutting down almost every time we logged on. On Sunday, it shut down and would not let us get back on.

Todd took it to the Apple store. It was not a pleasant experience for him. They tried to blame the issues on him because we had some "non-apple" ram in there. Todd had them take the ram out, explaining that if it had been the ram we would have problems from the beginning- he put the ram in the day we bought it. They took the ram out- still wouldn't work, but it beeped three times which apparently means there is a problem with the logic board.

Then they told Todd it wasn't the ram, but he must not have been grounded properly when he put the ram in, not a good thing to tell him, since this is our second Apple with hardware issues. He calmly explained how he had been grounded and then said he bit his tongue, because he was afraid if he said anything else at that moment it might not be very Christian like.

Anyway, now two days later it is still in the store with all our checkbook information, all of our pictures, countless school lesson plans, and so many other random things you store on a computer.

It didn't help that the Mac issues came the same week we are in our kitchen re-model (I'd post pictures, but they are all on the mac), our microwave died, and my cell phone got wet and died. Hopefully, we will hear something today. I know in the grand scheme of things- this really is very insignificant, but it sure is frustrating.

By the way, I'm posting from Todd's 4 year old PC lap top, which still works just fine.=)


  1. wow!! that's a lot going on. It sounds like us last summer. Our printer, digital camera, my cell phone and even the vacuum broke all at once!! :~)

  2. I am so sorry. I had no idea this was all still going on.

    Our super cheap "it may only last 2 years" EMachine is still working going on 5 years. Sometimes these things just don't make sense, :(:(:(

  3. What a mess. Our new Gateway is awesome and I'm so thankful. Computer problems are a nightmare.

  4. whew---what a week---sorry about all of that! Toss in the chewing of Grant's Star Wars figure & YOU'VE GOT MADNESS:0)

    Love you & pray you get your "new" computer back soon & i hope it works like a "new computer".

    You look amazing pregnant---really.

  5. Sandi, you poor thing. That's just a lot going on at once. I hope that it all gets resoved easily for you.