Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas Pictures...

Finally, here are our Christmas pictures.

These next ones are my favorites. The only thing Grant asked for this year was the "Star Wars Complete Saga" for his Nintendo DS. Of course, we hid that until last like all parents do. He opened all his presents from us and all the presents that had come from my side of the family up in MA. He never said a word about it not being there. And then, wouldn't you know it, I found one more present. I loved the expression on his face when he started opening it and I loved that his first reaction was a big hug and thank you. Daddy got a hug, too, but he had the camera.

Grant took the time to put on his new Auburn shirt before he started playing his game.


  1. Your son has one of the sweetest smiles ever! So glad you had a special Christmas! Even if he is wearing lots of orange!! :)

  2. *ahem* (roll tide) Other than that, what great presents!!! I love yours especially!! I love too, how Gordon's back legs are "Froggy Legs." That is too cute!!!

  3. Smart boy you got there. War Eagle!