Friday, February 8, 2008

What I'm thankful for today...

1. Beautiful weather.

2. A job I truly enjoy and the great people I work with.

3. Milk=)

4. It's Friday!

5. We have our baby quilt and bumper pad picked out and purchased. We have narrowed the room color to just two choice and I think we will start painting next weekend.

6. A room full of baby stuff that thoughtful friends have given to us- car seat, stroller, swings, a pack and play, toys, clothes. I'm overwhelmed. What a blessing.

7. Every little kick, move, and turn that I feel our precious little one make.

8. Trail mix

9. The chance to get some scrapbook pages done tonight.

10. U2 music- took out one of their cd's today to listen to. I love them.


  1. Amy should be excited with your progress. :-) I have 3 U2 CDs on my stereo right now. So good....

  2. She's just getting busy so that *I* don't come over there and start painting. It's a ploy to keep me out of their hair!!!

    I can't find any of my U2 stuff.

    Where oh where could they be???