Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Wow, this Spring break was so much better than Spring Break 2007!! No flu, no fevers, beautiful weather, friends, relaxing, and fun.

Here's some of what we did...

FRIDAY-- After a long, busy book fair week I took a trip to the lake with great friends, one of whom patiently waited for me so I wouldn't have to drive alone, even though I had to leave three hours after we originally planned. Todd and Grant's spring break started with soccer practice and going out for ice cream with some friends from the team.

The first soccer game of the season was Saturday- the game did not have a happy ending for Grant's team, but they had fun and played hard.

MONDAY-- An extra special, by invitation only St. Patrick's Day Parade. That evening a fun dinner with friends at Chick Fil A.

This little leprechaun is taking the parade seriously.

TUESDAY--Early morning doctor appointment for me to check on our little one. Every thing is looking good- he is measuring a week plus a few days ahead of schedule right now, if you've seen my belly, you'll understand that.=) Chilling out at home, eating our traditional St. Patrick's Day Corn beef and cabbage with Irish Tea Cake for dessert (it was a day late, but Todd had a meeting on Monday night) and working in Gabe's room.

WEDNESDAY--Horton Hears a Who with friends.

THURSDAY--Chuck E. Cheese with friends then Grant went on a sleep over, so we had a date night. It was just Taco Bell since Todd had to work late, but we were together.

FRIDAY--Breakfast date at Cracker Barrell, Lowes for a new light for the baby's room, and some great family time.

SATURDAY--Lots more painting in Gabe's room we finished a few of the story book murals.(pictures coming soon) And of course, the traditional dyeing of the Easter eggs.

SUNDAY-- A great worship service, the annual Family Egg Hunt, meeting our niece baby Jade and seeing Lisa who are here from Wyoming for a few weeks, and spending time with family.

There were mornings to sleep in, the floors got mopped, laundry got folded, games were played. I guess it was a pretty low-key vacation, but it was exactly what we needed.


  1. Sounds like a fun week! I remember last Spring Break. Blech. I am so glad this one was better. And I'm so glad I got to see a picture of Jade. Sweet child. I love her....

  2. You loook great!! can't wait to see pictures of Gabe's room.!!

  3. I'm so excited you got to meet Jade - I didn't know! YEA! And, that is the cutest leprechaun I've ever seen. Silly boy!