Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just a random Saturday...

Today started at 3am when I took my now nightly trek down to the couch to try to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. Watched TV for a few minutes, the dog joined me on the couch- so faithful=) I did finally get back to sleep.

Got up for real at 7am.

Soccer game- Grant got hit in the face with the soccer ball. It whacked him on the side of the face, pushing his glasses pretty hard into the side of his head. He's OK- even though he "was blind for a few seconds" (at least until he opened his eye). He has a little scuff, but I'm so thankful that's all. The glasses are still in one piece.

Todd and Grant had a guy's day. I did some shopping, cleaning, resting, and baking. They went on a "road trip." They had fun and are safely home.

I heard at least 4 people that I do not know tell me there is no way that I will make it all the way to my due date.

Today was some kind of retro day on WDJC- they played music from the 80's and 90's all day. I heard Wes King, Petra, Scott Krypane, and a bunch of other "oldies". That was fun to listen to while I cleaned. I had forgotten how much I loved Wes King.

The weather was beautiful!

We ate an all veggie dinner thanks to our coop.

Right now I'm watching my stomach bounce up and down as little Gabe has the hiccups and does some kind of aerobics. I love it.


  1. How precious. I remember those awful nights of being so tired and not being able to sleep. I'm glad Gordon is redeeming himself some! I'll have to check out Wes King. Lol, at the "blind until he opened his eye..."!!! How dare strangers say things to you. (There was a thread about this. I'm gonna send it to you.) And you forgot a HUGE one. JJ won. (Hurmph.) :)

  2. "Life is precious" is one of my favorite songs of mine ever, and it's by Wes King. Do you know it?

  3. Yes, I know that song and have always liked it. The one I heard Saturday was "Common Creed". Steve Green was actually dj-ing the show with Ronnie Bruce- how weird is that?

  4. Hi Sandi!! just wondering how you were doing. Take care!