Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gabe still doesn't look interested in making his debut. Sandi has been at 5cm for the last three hours. Our doctor has mentioned the possibility of a c-section if he doesn't respond to the pitocin in the next three hours or so. Both Sandi and Gabe have been doing well throughout the process. We didn't think we'd still be waiting for Gabe's arrival at 7:00p.m., but Sandi is hanging in there like a trooper.


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  2. We are praying for all of you! I know God has "Gabe's Debut" perfectly timed:). I'm sure it has been a long day for each of you. Todd, we are praying for God strength to cover you. You will be a father to 2 mighty warriors!

    Give our love to Mommy & let her know she is being prayed over.

    Sweet Grant--I bet he's more than ready to meet his 'lil buddy.

    Many hugs & prayers...
    Shane & Jenn

  3. We are praying for his arrival soon! We love you all and are waiting to hear from you no matter how late!!

  4. We're praying too, and are anxiously awaiting news. We won't sleep till he's here, so please do let us know, even if it's late!! We love you four!!

  5. oh sandi, you know i feel your pain. we just must have some comfortable tummys :) i love you and i am praying for you and gabe. praying for todd & grant too. please let us know as soon as he is here.... we love you all!!! shannon, bryan, emi, paypay & graci :)