Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random thoughts

*** Today while out running errands, I saw a car drive by with a vanity plate that read "Divrced." That seems like a strange thing to put on a license plate. It make me sad to think about how lightly some people seem to take ending a marriage.

*** Grant finished Star Wars camp today. He came home with a movie they made during the week, a notebook filled with notes on what they done, and two photos. He made a light saber, a catapult, had the chance to eat real bugs (like the ewoks), made a droid, and lots of other fun stuff. The Mcwane Center does cool summer camps. He loved it.

*** I just made Buffalo Chicken dip for tomorrow's family day. I can hardly wait to eat some.

*** Todd cleaned the kitchen- I love that man.

*** Gabe loves listening to music. He seems to especially love Jack Johnson and David Crowder. They get him to stop crying just about every time. He likes Rascal Flatts, too.

*** I hated hearing the news about Tim Russert today. He has always been one of my favorite journalists. What a sad day for his family and friends.

*** The Hylands colic tablets really seem to help my gassy little baby boy. Yea! He seemed a lot happier today.

*** I'm so glad it has rained five days in a row. Everything looks so green and alive.

*** It has been hotter in Massachusetts this week then it has been in Alabama. Interesting!

*** My brother is coming home from Kuwait very soon. I'm so thankful. And I'm thrilled for my sister in law who has been missing him so very much.


  1. There is so much there!! I'm going to get a license plate that says, "Maried." I'm thrilled for your sister-in-law and your brother's return. I love Star Wars camp. Allen thought that was cool. Of course Gabe loves David Crowder. :) He has good taste. I have mourned Tim Russert. I just can't get over it. I love you! I need to see your face...

  2. lol, Amy!

    ditto on Tim Russert's death--i always admired his disposition & sad...hurt for his fam & pray he is saved--anyone know??

    awesome about Todd's bro-i remember praying for him about 4 or so years ago when he 1st left...praying for a safe homecoming!

    yeah Gabe~you have grt taste in music & i am so thankful it soothes you!!!

    Star Wars Camp?? how amazing this sounds--we need to do this together sometime (older boys) & carpool;o)!
    i may check in to another one for Will...sounds like Grant had the BEST time-cool stuff...

    xoxo to u & sweet boys!