Friday, June 27, 2008

Today's Five

1. My mother in law's gall bladder surgery went smoothly. When I called to check on her the next day, she was out watering her plants.

2. Swimming at the pool with friends this week.

3. Sausage casserole that tastes as good warmed up as it did the first time.

4. Getting to read Mr. Popper's Penguin with Grant. I love that he still likes for me to read to him even though he could read it all himself.

5. It's Friday. Even though all my days seem very similar right now, I'm looking forward to spending sometime with all four of us together.


  1. I love your new blog design! So simple and pretty.

  2. Love your new very sweet & beautiful...the little swirly things are my fav...

    what a wonderful 5 things to be thankful for!!!!!

  3. your sausage casserole is still my most fav breakfast treat!!!!! i think i'll have to make one soon!

  4. too funny!!! this is the blog layout i was about to choose... so glad i saw your first :)