Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer recap- August

In August, we took our trip to Atlanta. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, The Coca Cola Museum, Ikea, The Atlanta Zoo, CNN, and The Fernbank Museum. It was a whirlwind long weekend. We had lots of fun just being together. Grant's birthday was the last day of our trip. That made the trip even more special.

Silly boy "swimming" at the Georgia Aquarium

Tasting the many flavors of Coke at the Coca Cola Museum. Grant made sure he tried every single one. (Todd and I did, too.)

Fernbank Museum

On Grant's birthday morning- he wanted to swim and sit in the hot tub before we left the hotel. He ate breakfast in bed (that is one of his favorite things to do.) The breakfast bar had some of his favorite treat breakfast foods.

Since it was Grant's birthday he got to pick where we ate for dinner. He wanted a pizza buffet. Todd found one using his iphone. That thing came in really handy on the trip.

Grant and Lexi's birthday party. Lisa, Blaine and Jade were down from Wyoming so we were able to get a picture with all 10 grandkids. We also found out that day that Melissa and Steve are expecting their third. Yea!

Grant wanted homemade cheesecake for his cake this year. It didn't look pretty, but it sure tasted good. Lexi wanted a cake with a prince and princess on top. Every year Melissa and I keep thinking they are going to want separate celebrations, but they haven't yet. They love each other and neither one of them cares that they are four years apart and different genders. I love that!

Gabe took his first dip in the pool.

Thanks to Amy I have this great picture of his feet underwater!

Third grade began- eating breakfast on the first day of school. It's the only decent picture I have of that morning- it was pouring outside and we were all in a hurry.

Dawson's birthday party- Granny and Poppa were able to come for a little while. Granny was starting to get her strength back after the surgery.

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  1. I'm so happy to see your monthly updates of the summer. I think I gave a monthly update of May and have started the others but haven't gotten around to completing them. You inspire me to keep going! :)LOL

    Such a wonderful August you had! I love the picture of all 10 grandkids together!!