Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily Randomness...

1. Gabe now has two teeth! The second one came through today. I'm so glad. It's been giving him trouble the last few days.

2. My house smells like cookies. Today was my baking day. Yum!

3. Grant is one of the three third graders that will be participating in the 3rd-8th grade spelling bee in January. He is very excited about it. Yay, Grant!

4. I've been listening to Delilah playing Christmas music tonight. How long has she been on the radio? We used to listen to her when I was working the night shift at a medical lab during my college years. The show is exactly the same- I don't even think the music has changed.

5. Sol Azteca has the best salsa in Alabaster.

6. If you could see my house right now you would never believe that we are having a our Community Group Christmas party here tomorrow night. There is stuff everywhere. Hopefully, I can pull it all together.


  1. I saw a thing about Delilah on the Today show, and yep, she's still doing the exact same thing! My house is a wreck too. So glad Gabe's tooth is in. Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Yay for Gabe's tooth! Having it finally come in is such a good thing. And a big hurrah for Grant! Way to go! I've never heard of Delilah. Have to go and look her up.

  3. Isabella also has two teeth, well, more like one and a half :~) but all four on top will be out any day now! We may have to go to the Mexican place when we get to see you ... one of these days :~)