Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Five...

1. After going to Target, Michaels and two Hobby Lobbys, I finally found the ribbon I was looking for for a baby shower invitation I'm making. It's going to be so cute. :)

2. The weather was beautiful today. A little crisp, flowers in bloom everywhere and sunshine.

3. We were able to spend some time with friends at their campsite in Oak Mountain this evening. The boys enjoyed hiking, the fire and smores.

4. I organized several piles of stuff in our bedroom. I can see the top of my dresser now. That makes going to bed so much more relaxing.

5. Beth Moore's Esther Bible study. There is so much to take in and apply from this book of the Bible. Even though God's name is not mentioned anywhere in the pages, His presence is so obvious.

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