Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gabe's First Year

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These are some of my favorite pictures from Gabe's first year. He is growing and changing so much now. Here are some of his recent milestones.

He started walking at 11 1/2 months old. Now he is walking everywhere.

He has 7 teeth and two more trying to come through.

He says "mama" "out" "in" "more" .

He is experimenting each day with new sounds.

He can do some sign language- more, all done, please (that's his newest one, he's only done it a few times).

He LOVES to be outside.

Each night he falls asleep listening to music in front of the computer. He loves music. Musical toys, books, itunes... He'll hear a song and just start dancing. It is hilarious.

He loves to eat, but wants it to be what we are eating.

He loves to make us laugh- especially Grant. If Grant even giggles, he will repeat whatever it is that he did. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so much.

He enjoys looking at books. That makes my heart happy. He especially likes the ones with pictures of babies.

He smiles and waves to everyone.

He enjoys being in the pool.

He loves to get into the laundry, the cabinets, the toy baskets, the drawers, etc...

He brings us so much joy!


  1. I love him so much, and I am so thankful for him! I'm just glad you got him, but him being so stinking cute and sweet is just a bonus! ;)

  2. okay i cannot believe he is 1 already!!!! i miss seeing his smiling face. he is absolutely adorable!! miss seeing your smiling face too :(

  3. He is such a sweet and beautiful boy!