Friday, March 5, 2010

Medieval Feast

The Medieval Feast is the "main event" of fourth grade. The kids and parents dress up, there is live Medieval entertainment, dancing and eating an entire meal with our hands. It really was a great night.

The lady and her knights

The head table was where the queen (one of our Rhetoric school teachers) and her royal friends which included our principal, her husband, Mrs. Morgan and Miss Mack and her knight sat.

Grant and Tori being introduced

This is the dance that the kids performed for their parents. This was Grant's first official time to dance with a girl. They had to change partners so he actually danced with more than one girl. There was a lot of eye rolling that took place any time we talked about it.

That is one handsome knight

Playing "pass the parcel"

The 2009/10 fourth grade class

Grant and Miss Mack

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