Friday, September 3, 2010

Freezing Bananas

We make a lot of smoothies around here. Most of the fruit that I use for them I buy frozen from Whole foods. All except the bananas. I get those at Costco since I can purchase a bunch of 6-7 bananas for $1.32.

That's a lot of bananas for us, since none of us just love to eat them. So I started freezing them. Here's what I do...

Mash them up, place them in one of my food saver bags and vaccuum seal them. I usually put three in each bag. By the way, I love my food saver. It was a birthday gift from my parents a few years ago. Saves so much space in my freezer.

Once they are frozen solid and I'm ready to make a smoothie, I take the whole block out and cut them up into bite size pieces.

Throw them in the magic bullet with the rest of the ingredients- this morning it was peaches, mangos, bananas and almond milk.

This little magic bullet is great. I bought it when my fourth blender died. I've had it for over a year now and use it all the time, more than any other blender I've owned and it's still going strong.

Quick and easy.

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