Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Snapshots

For the first time ever, our tree was artificial. It was a hard move for me. The tree looked nice, but I missed our trip to Marvins and the anticipation that only comes with a real tree. I did not miss the needles.

This year our church Christmas program was also the "Going-away Service" for our music minister and his family. We'll miss the man who referred to himself as the "King of Awkward and the Captain of Creepy", but we are glad to see them be able to pursue what God has for them.

This was Gabe's branch. It was my favorite.

Sweet Poppa played with Gabe until Gabe was ready to move on. I'm so thankful for the memories that my boys have with their precious great grandparents. What a gift.

Jack the wonder dog.



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  1. Love the pictures - we were so glad you were able to come up. We all had a great time. Love you.