Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's Five...

1. This weekend was very productive. Trim painted, shrubs planted, leaves raked, tons of laundry done, the hallway received a fresh coat of paint and we still had some fun family time. It's been so busy lately, a long weekend at home to get some neglected things accomplished was really nice.

2. A perfect and easy breakfast...

3. I found a new author I'm really enjoying. Michael Connelly. Well, he's written tons of books- so he's just new to me, but I'm loving his courtroom/law enforcement fiction. I've only read a few, so I'm cautiously recommending him.

4. Air conditioning- it's not a true necessity, but I'm so thankful for it.

5. I enjoyed a really fun birthday celebration last week. Flowers, coffee, Bliss chocolate, dinner out at Taziki's, gift cards, lots of facebook posts and messages, donuts, brownies and ice cream, a sweet balloon, a whole morning with a favorite friend, lunch with three other favorites and a chocolate fudge cake. I was feeling pretty spoiled and very loved. It was nice.
And now, I'm back South Beaching it. :)