Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 22-28

And I was doing so well! Anyway, here are days 22-28.

Day 22- With a little help from my people, we were packed, the house was cleaned and the pies were ready the night before we left for our trip. (That's a big deal around here.)

Day 23- We had a safe, fun ride down to Florida. We found a chick fil a with a clean play area for lunch and were able to meet Todd's mom and dad in St. Augustine (they were there for an anniversary trip) for dinner.

Day 24- My 83 year old grandmother who still cooks everything, except the pecan pies, for Thanksgiving lunch. I try to help every year, but she won't hear of it. Well, she will let me clean the kitchen when we're done. :)

Day 25- A lazy day- we did a little late morning shopping, but for the rest of the day we just visited and watched the kids play.

Day 26- A walk on the beach.

Day 27- Safety on the trip home, good traveling kids and netflix on the droid.

Day 28- Rainboots and raincoat for Gabe- he loved splashing in all the puddles while we were running errands today.

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