Sunday, September 23, 2012

A letter

I've had this Compassion assignment since September 10- "Write a letter to God about child sponsorship." Not earth shattering, right? Well, I've started the letter a few times and then I've scrapped it. Prayer is so personal. Confession- I get awkward when I pray aloud.  My focus moves away from Who I'm talking to and instead to the people around me. I over think my words. I start to think about what the people hearing me pray may think. I say "um" a lot.  This letter was no different, except for the "ums". 

But then I started thinking, "What if this awkward prayer makes one person consider sponsorship?" "What if one little one comes to really know Jesus?" So, I'm putting it out there, the best I can.

Dear God,

Yesterday I stood behind a Compassion table at a women's event. On that table were scores of packets. Each one held the picture of child.  Beautiful faces of every color. As I looked at those faces from around the globe, I was reminded again of the value of each life you've created. When we look at those faces the temptation is there to see only poverty and need.
Forgive us.
Forgive me.
Poverty maybe a part of their story, but it is not all there is in their story. You see children who are precious, fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. Your purpose.

I've prayed to have my heart broken by the things that break Yours. You've done that. I'm grateful on most day, overwhelmed on the ones that I take on more than Your grace has allowed, and moved to act in whatever ways You lead.

Sponsorship is one of those ways. My heart will be eternally grateful for the part You let us play in Nyanzige's life. There is nothing that we could buy with that 38 dollars a month that we need more than we need to be obedient to Your call to love that precious girl.

You are good.
You are God.
You see poverty. Hurt. Abuse. Pain. The absolute desperate need we have for You.
You will make it right. Sometimes through us.
Thank you.


If you want to know more about child sponsorship, please take a look at these precious ones.

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