Monday, September 2, 2013


I started a couch to 5k program about eight weeks ago.

I'm on week five.

In my defense there has been a good bit of rain around here (like I mentioned in my last post).  I have run in the rain a few times. I've been chased by bats a few times.

I draw the line at lightning. So, I'm on week five.

I had hoped that by now I would love running.  I don't.

I do love that in spite of missing some days, I'm still on the program.

Last week I hit a personal best. That day's running plan looked like this...

3 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute run
2 1/2 walk
3 minute run
2 1/2 minute walk
5 minute run

Admittedly that doesn't look all that impressive. There are some walking breaks in the mix. But, I fought hard for all that running.

During the last 5 minute run, up hill, with calves screaming, I may have thought bad thoughts about every person who ever encouraged me to run. But, somewhere about 4 minutes into that last run, something changed.

I focused on the fact that I was doing it. Running. Accomplishing a goal.

I ran a total of 16 minutes that day. A personal best. I looked BAD, was soaking wet with sweat, but I had run each run, without stopping.

There is something fun about a personal best. I guess it's just that it's not about anyone else. It's not about what they can or can't do, it's only about pushing myself.

In that last minute of my last run, it didn't really matter that someone went sailing by me running faster, looking better, and breathing easier, it just mattered that I kept going.

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  1. You are doing great, Sandi. Don't forget that the person who "sailed" past you had someone sail by them in the beginning also. Keep up the good work!