Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our Summer

This past Friday was craft night at church, so I spent a good bit of time last week going through the summer photos on the computer, putting them on cd's and making prints to scrapbook. Lately I've had scrapper's block, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up a little.

Unfortunately the block didn't go away and I didn't get much accomplished. But, looking through all the pictures reminded me of the fun we had this summer. Eventually I will get it all in the scrapbook, but for now I'm going to get it on the blog.

I didn't take any swimming pictures, but we did lots of that. And I just had to include the reading picture since Grant read 28 Magic Treehouse books this summer.
I loved our summer!


  1. What wonderful memories! I love this.

  2. I cannot believe we did this at the exact same time! I love it. I loved looking at your summer!!!

  3. That was awesome! And, I'm so glad to see the Etown exit!!

  4. Just darling! I enjoyed the re-cap of your fun summer w/that sweet big boy. Look how beautiful the family photo is! Swirley side walk chalk is great:).