Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today's Five

1. Candles- there is just something relaxing about lighting a candle, especially if it smells good.

2. Our comfy couch- it makes me tired just looking at.

3. The outlet I have in scrapbooking and blogging.

4. My "House Show" cd by Derek Webb

5. Sharpies, especially the colorful ones. I love those, they are so fun.


  1. I love reading your 5's and candles just make me relax. They are so naturally beautiful.

  2. Sharpies really do ROCK! I love the thin ones & all the fun colors. Have you seen the fun ones that are small & you can hook them on your bag/purse? so so fun:)
    Did I just write "fun" 3 times? Shane likes to make "fun" of how many times a day I say cute or fun. He says that I say everything is "cute" or "fun". So, you my friend are....cute & fun:) Really.

  3. Curl up on your couch, light a candle, write yourself a cute note with a sharpie & snooze away...