Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to make a Won Ton

For Valentine's Day supper, Grant and I made Won Ton soup. Grant really enjoyed the process and was cracking me up along the way. He wasn't sure he would be able to make them when we first started, but he tried, succeeded making his "first Won Ton ever in his life"=) and by the end he was ready to teach a cooking class. No, really, he asked me if we could teach a cooking class on how to make Won Tons- because everyone should know.

Todd got home from work just in time to be his first student and to document the lesson.

1. Put a small spoon-full of the meat mixture in the middle of the wrapper and wet the edges with your fingertip.

2. Fold so the corners meet.

3. Using a chop stick, gently make a mark in the middle of the Won Ton

4. Fold the two outside corners into that middle marker.

5. The Won Ton is finished.

As Grant gets older, he's not as in to doing projects with me as he used to be. So making the Won Tons together was pretty special for me. We talked and laughed and just had some really nice together time.

Family Fun Magazine strikes again!! Have I mentioned how much I love that magazine?


  1. WOW - I'm impressed that you know how to do that and even more impressed that Grant does now! I may need to go to your house for lessons! Let me know next time you have a class! :)

  2. Family Fun magazine! That was their cooking with kids segment in February. It's such a great magazine.

  3. What a sweet memory. I love it!

  4. Oh, i love won tons. Campbell's has yummy won ton soup:), but I am sure home made ones are much more delicious!!!! These look yummy; you're inspiring!

    What a sweet moment & how cute Grant looks in his glasses!!!

    From one "growing boy mom" to another...he'll love these pics one day!

    Can you put anything/any ingredients in this recipe? Like spinach & feta??? I love egg rolls ; anything rolled or crimped together w/yummy stuff in it.

    Miss ya!!!!!