Friday, February 29, 2008

What I'm thankful for today...

1. It's Friday. It's been a full, busy, fun week. I'm tired and ready to put my feet up for a while and I can because it's Friday.

2. Grant and I stopped by the thrift store on the way home from school today due to a tip from our school librarian about a huge stash of new books that had just come in. We got some great books. Most of them were brand new. Grant found a Star Wars chapter book. We found a new copy of Eragon- which at some point we will read together, and 5 brand new Hank the Cowdog books, a Wishbone chapter book and a whole bunch of picture and board books- all for $12.00!! It made me so happy.

3. Cocoa Pebbles

4. Our friend's sweet baby Ella is here- safe and sound.

5. Granny's eye surgery went well yesterday. She should finally be able to see clearly again.

6. Leap day! It's just fun to have an extra day in the year.

7. Water with lemon

8. Girl Scout cookies

9. The funny little people I teach.

10. My husband, who had the whole kitchen cleaned up for me Sunday when I got home from a meeting after an afternoon of baking. I was really dreading walking in to the mess, but he had it spotless. I know it was several days ago, but I'm still thinking that was a pretty great thing he did.=)


  1. Put your feet up and rest sweet friend. I'm thankful for all our good conversation this week. I think we solved a few of the world's problems!! I'm thankful for you. Now go listen to sin in the camp while your feet are up. We have to talk about that too!!! lol... :)

  2. You deserve a break today...and tomorrow and the next day!