Sunday, May 25, 2008

If I can't see him, then he isn't really here.

I love this picture. Gordon jumped up on the couch by Todd (who is very intently watching an episode of Lost), noticed Gabe and immediately turned so his back was toward him. He expends a great deal of effort trying to completely ignore the newest family member.

This photo illustrates what I think Gordon has been thinking for the last two weeks--"You brought a what into the house?"

He'll adjust, I'm sure....


  1. Those are hysterical!!! LOL!!! Poor Gordon - it has only just begun...

  2. Oh my gosh. I just LOL'd!!! I remember my dad's dog threw up in the foyer just as soon as my dad stepped in the house with my brother. My cat stalked around the house in a circle constantly for days each time we brought a baby home. Animals are hilarious! I am so sorry for Gordon, but he has a great home, and he'll figure that out eventually!!!! lol....

  3. Too funny!!! Gordon will eventually love Gabe just like he does Grant. He just has to get used to not being the "baby" in the house. Miss you girl!!! Can't wait to hold that precious little one!