Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Leaving for Africa

Tomorrow morning our friends with the Children's Hopechest team leave for Africa. Even though I don't get to go this time as I had originally planned, a part of my heart is going with them.

If you'd like to follow their journey, here is the link to the blog they will try to update while they are in Swaziland.

Please be in prayer for them, their safety, their families who are remaining here at home, and the people of Swaziland they are going to serve.

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  1. Oh my heart is a little sad for you (and me). I could not possibly be happier for you if I tried, and I think I'm conflicted only because I know how much you love this ministry too. We'll be there one day. Can we go together? Thank you for the blog. I'll study it with you....