Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grant is 10!

We celebrated Grant's 10th birthday yesterday. It was a fun morning despite the fact that he was getting over a stomach bug.

Because of the bug, our menu for the day changed. Rather than the cupcakes we were going to eat from Edgars, Grant got a birthday cookie he wasn't quite up to eating for his candles.

Instead of going out to eat at his favorite restaurant, he ate this...

But he still had a great day. He still smiled a lot, especially when he found out that we would take the trip he really wanted for his milestone birthday.

He was showed lots of love by his friends with surprise treats and phone calls. When he went to bed he said, "I wish this day didn't have to end, it was really good, even with a stomach bug." Sure do love that kid. Happy Birthday, Grant!


  1. Grant - You are awesome!! Glad you had a great day. We love you. Enjoy your trip. Love Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Is the beach trip the one he was looking forward to? So glad he had a great day despite being sick.

  3. Awwwww. Sweet grant. Crackers for your birthday. Where is the trip to? Happy Birthday Grant!!!

  4. that was so sweet! I still can't believe he's 10!