Thursday, September 17, 2009

The things I'm thankful for today.....

I haven't had a gratitude post in a while, haven't had any posts in a while, but after our Bible study discussion on Hannah and her gratefulness yesterday, I decided to take a little time to be thankful. So, I'm thankful for......

1. Some time away from facebook. As much as I love facebook (and I do love it), it can really eat away at my self-control. I'll plan to just sit there for a minute and read the news feed and walk away 30 minutes later (or 60 minutes sometimes.) Sunday God reminded me that I need to be spending my time more wisely. So, I'm taking some time off, I don't really know how long, but it's been good. My house is cleaner, I've spent more real time with the boys, I've connected with friends in a real life, face to face way and I'm finally not thinking in terms of what my next status update should be. :) It's been hard, but it's not killing me.

2. Friends who will email or call me when they see something on facebook, like Logan being born, that they think I need to know since they know I'm taking a break. That sure does make me feel loved. :)

3. The little baby turtle Rachel and I found at the park. It was so tiny and sweet. Gabe thought it was cool. And yes, that is turtle poop on my hand, but that's the price you pay for holding baby turtles.

4. Iced coffee from my own coffee pot.

5. My new Aaron Shust cd and the downloadable cd liner. The songs are great and I love having the story "behind the music."

6. Gabe's expanding vocabulary. He is trying out new words and sounds daily. Some of his newer ones are "Dordon" for Gordon, "bahbah" for Barney (yes, the big, purple dinosaur), eat, ear, eye, "na" for nose. He is putting few words together now, too. "Hi dada" "Out side" "All done" "Dordon out". I love hearing him try out his voice. He still signs quite a few words, too. My favorite signs are the ones he makes up. I feel like mom of the year when I figure one out and he gives me that sweet, silly smile.

7. Grant is enjoying soccer again. They had a tied game on Saturday. He ran hard, but really had fun.

8. Windsor pilates. They hurt, but they work.


  1. When we were on the phone the other day, Gabe said "Barney " to you, and it wasn't until we were off the phone that I realized he did not mean Barney Fife! We are big Andy Griffith fans around here and I haven't thought of the purple dinosaur in quite a while!

  2. Loved hearing all this. I've missed you!

  3. I always love your "thankful for's". I have been taking a FB break too--no time for it lately and it's a nice change.