Thursday, April 22, 2010


It was artichoke week at Wholefoods and they were on a great sale, so I bought a couple to try. I've had them in dips, but I've never had them whole and I wanted to learn how to cook them. I made them on Thursday for the lunch for the boys and I.

They were really easy to cook. You trim them up and boil them. You can steam them if you prefer, but I went the easy road.

Grant was a good sport. He thought they were ok, but a little weird and hard to eat.

Gabe tasted one leaf and gave me this look. He then ate turkey and cheese for lunch instead.

I liked them. The dipping sauce was made with a non-dairy, non-soy butter that I got at Whole Foods (since I've given up dairy for a while) and dill. Yum.

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