Monday, April 26, 2010

Grant's Shield

Today Grant turned in his last big project of fourth grade.

And so his grandma can read it, here is the essay he wrote to explain his shield...

My Fourth Grade Shield
by Grant Cotton

My shield is separated into three main sections and has a silver border all the way around. It also has a silver, central divider line. Usually the central divider line is purple and is called a Pale. When it is on a shield it means military strength. I wanted my shield's border and center line to be silver because it means sincerity and peace.

For the first section, I felt like it was important to do something that represented that God is King. The anchor and rope mean religious steadfastness. I used purple in the background which means justice, sovereignty and regal because those are some of the traits of God.

The yellow line on my shield is called a fess or fesse. It is a military symbol of honor, that means readiness to serve the public. I used this to divide my purple and green sections.

In the second section, I wanted to use symbols that represent my favorite hobbies which are reading books and playing basketball. I chose green for my background which stands for hope and loyalty in love because those are qualities I would like to have.

For my final section I used my family crest. My family crest has three skeins of cotton. Two skeins of cotton are on the top part and one is on the bottom. The top and bottoms skeins are divided by a chevron which looks like a large, wide upside down “v”. The chevron represents the gable of a house and is usually given to a family for outstanding service in a siege. Blue is the background color for my crest and means strength and loyalty. During my research, I found out that my family moto is “In utraque fortuna paratus” which means prepared for either good or bad fortune.

The most interesting part of my shield project was learning about the heraldry symbols. I found a website called Fleur -de -lis Designs that had a list of the heraldry symbols and their meanings. On this website there was lots of information I needed for my shield.


  1. This is great. His work has inspired me. I think I will share it with my kids and see if they might like to do this project over the summer. Thanks!

  2. Great job Grant!! I love you. Grandma L aka Mimi Donna