Friday, April 30, 2010

Bye-Bye, Crib. Hello, Lightening!

Last night we said goodbye to the crib. It was a pretty bitter-sweet moment for me. This was the only piece of baby furniture we had held on to over the years. Both of my boys used it. It was a little hard to let go even though it is definitely time.

But, we gave it to a friend to sell in her yard sale. All the proceeds from their yard sale will go toward the adoption of their little Nick who is waiting to come to his forever home. That made it easier.

After we said good-bye to the crib, we said hello to the "Lightening McQueen" bed otherwise know as "Qweeen bed".

Every part was inspected, climbed on, bounced on and laughed over. He loves it.

Grant was excited for him. This morning Gabe woke Grant up and pulled him into his bedroom to show him the "Qween bed" again. Grant was, as usual, a very good sport.


  1. Nate would be so jealous. He LOVES Lightening McQueen.

  2. Thanks for adding me to your blog list!

    I just read your post most recent post on saying goodbye to the crib (cute crib by the way) and I just can't even imagine. My husband and I had our first kiddo, a baby boy, about six months ago and we keep talking about how having a child is just such an amazing thing to be a part of---all the development that we get to see before our eyes and the blessing of getting to care for such a precious little creation.

    Hope you have a great day.