Sunday, May 2, 2010

Secret Church

This was my second opportunity to go to Secret Church. Once again it was incredible. Todd was able to go with me. That was a bonus. Since I'm an out loud processor, it is nice to have him and my friend Amy to hash things out with. A few other friends were there as well and I plan on having some conversations with them, too.

There were 6+ hours of information covered, so it will take me some time to work through it all. But, there are a few things I know.
I have some things to re-evaluate in my life. Even some that I thought I had figured out. I have some real questions to ask. I have a real God I want to love, serve and make known, not just talk about making known.

After hours of intensive teaching on the gospel, possessions and prosperity through the lens of scripture, the last line of our book closed the night perfectly. It read, "God, may our lives count on earth as our eyes are fixed on heaven."

God, may it be so in my life.

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