Friday, January 21, 2011


It's so hard for me to believe that our little Gabe is just a few months away from being a three year old.

These days he just keeps us all laughing. Well, that is when he is not trying to annoy the life out of Grant. He typically is just sweet and funny and full of life.

Right now
He does not love haircuts or doctor visits.

He loves Gordon. Loves to chase him, pat him and snuggle him. Gordon graciously tolerates the love.

He likes to have somebody, anybody "play with me" at all times. If you don't move fast enough toward the play zone you will be met with "peeeze pay with me, peeeeze" in the sweetest, desperate tone that I find quite impossible to resist. He ususally says it while holding his face in both hands, staring at me with those big, round eyes.

He loves to eat grape tomatoes for a daily snack.

He does not like to brush his teeth. At all.

He sleeps only in a diaper- no pjs for him.

He makes people smile all through the grocery store, target, walmart, etc. He smiles and waves to just about everyone. If someone doesn't wave back, he worries about them a little. "Her not see me, mama?" or "He not say hi." (By the way, what's the deal with people not waving or saying hi to a two year old. It really doesn't take that much effort and it makes their day. Please wave to little people when they wave or say hi.)

He loves Grant.

He loves to bug Grant.

He loves to build with legos. It amazes me the things he can already make.

He likes playdough, cowboy hats and anything he can turn into a lasso- belts, dog leashes and pipe cleaners. We are sticking to the pipe cleaners. They hurt a lot less when you get lassoed by them.

He loves to hold on to my ear while he is falling asleep at night. It used to be my belly button. I like the ear so much better.

He does not like to hear the word no. He likes to use it, but doesn't like to have it used on him.

He is very independent. If he wants a drink, he goes to fridge gets the juice, gets his cup from the drawer and brings it all to me. Thankfully he can't open the juice yet, because I'm pretty sure he would try to pour it himself. It's not unusual to see him toting the step stool around to turn on lights or try to get to stuff he can't reach. I like his problem solving mind.

He loves to wrestle with his daddy and big brother. He does not like for me to take part in any type of wrestling. I'm not sure if he's afraid I'll get hurt or if he is afraid I'll make them stop. :)

He loves hide and go seek.

He says the cutest things. Some of my favorites...
"Oh wah" for "Oh yay"
"Me, either" meaning "me, too"
"I love you, too"- That's what he says anytime he's saying I love you, even if no-one has said it first.
"Aldight" meaning "alright"
"anybody" meaning no-body
"Me make you laugh?" He asks that alot. It makes him so happy when he makes someone laugh.
The other day he had been playing with his Buzz and Woody, but was finished and had left them in the middle of the floor. I asked him to come pick up his toys. His answer, "They not my toys." Me- "Whose toys are they?" G- "Buzz and Woody are Andy's toys." Very clever. If you've seen the movie, you'll get it.

He loves super heroes. He likes to "knock over the bad guys". He just discovered Larry Boy. That's his new favorite. At least for today.

He does not like to go to Walmart or Target or any store and leave without buying a toy. Sigh. Since we do not buy a toy every time we are there (I know, mean mommy) we've left with him in tears more than once. It is getting better. Slowly, but surely.

He is the sweetest little snuggle bug. Loves hugs. Loves high fives. Loves fist bumps. Loves to be snuggled.

He can throw a fit. Whew. Can he ever.

He doesn't like to sit in time out. But, he does and it usually works like a charm.

He is loved more than he will ever know. Sweet little boy.

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