Monday, March 21, 2011

A Blank Check

I'm working my way through a series on Acts being taught at The Church at Brook Hills. This particular sermon was hard hitting- at least to me. I really felt like I needed to share it. How different would our world be if our churches gave God a blank check? If we stopped caring about our agendas, our programs, our buildings, our music program, having the best church staff, competing with each other for the most members, trying to put on the best show for our communities and instead we lived to intentionally share the gospel and glorify God. If we lived empowered by the Holy Spirit that we have inside of us. If we stopped taking Him for granted and started really listening to Him. If we stopped just going to church and we were the church. (that line came from Adam and Jeremy) If we stopped talking about being radical and lived daily making changes that make our faith stand out as radical.

Living for Him. Giving it all up for Him. A blank check. Whew.

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