Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another First

Gabe's firsts come less often now, but we celebrated one yesterday...

First trip to the dentist! Grant went first and our patient hygienist Amanda answered all of Gabe's many questions. She let him touch all the instruments and learn all of what was going on around him. When it was his turn, she said "OK, are you ready?" He said yes and climbed up in the chair.

I'll be honest, I was all prepared for him wanting no part of this appointment. He usually cries from the moment we pull into the parking lot of the pediatrician's office until we are ready to leave the exam room- at which time he gives Dr. Andy a high five and starts talking and laughing.

But, yesterday he surprised us. He let her floss, brush with the spinning brush- (don't know the technical name), use the water pik, use the suction and even let Dr. Austin take a good, long look. Yay for small victories and no cavities!