Monday, April 18, 2011


Todd and I spent all day Saturday in Atlanta looking for a new to us van. All day. We left our house at 6:30am, dropped off the boys to Todd's parents and drove to Atlanta. We visited lots and lots and lots of dealers, but we just didn't find the right van.

When we arrived home at 12:30am, we were both a little disappointed.

In all the important ways, the day had been a success. We had failed at our goal, but sometimes failure is just a matter of perspective. Todd and I had hours of conversation time- which is hard to come by these days. We had an actual "date" eating lunch at the Varsity. No-one (at our table) cried, fussed or tried to get out of their seat. The boys had some good cousin and grandparent time.

Then when we arrived home I opened my mailbox and found this!
No new van, but still a good day.