Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just stuff...

1. We have officially entered the challenging threes with Gabe! My sweet little boy has started having times of defiance, the occasional fit (or daily fit- whichever title you'd prefer) and more whining then my ears want to hear some days. My sweet little 11 year old went through this same stage, so this time around it doesn't seem so overwhelming since I had a good feeling it was coming. But, it's still hard to prepare for the changes that comes with each stage. I don't want to wish it away, but wow.

2. Received this email today! Only three days until Nashville and U2. Three days!

3. It was 71 degrees and rainy today. In Alabama. In late June.  I could get used to that.

4. I'm a procrastinator. That shouldn't really be news to anyone that knows me. I should be working on VBS stuff and instead I'm blogging. The truth is my brain works better under pressure. There are some things I can plan ahead for, but writing is not one of them.

5. Since we've purchased the new washer and dryer, I have washed every throw rug, sheet, blanket and multitude loads of other laundry. I'm amazed at how much more can fit in a washer without the agitator in the middle. They both run so quietly. I guess if you have to spend so much money on something so practical, you might as well have fun with them.