Saturday, June 25, 2011


1. Gabe and I had a "date" time today. Todd and Grant went and had some guy time. Much needed on both sides. I love these days. Even though I get lots of time with Gabe, there is something about "scheduled alone time."  We ate tacos at Habaneros- his choice- while he danced to the music. He made friends or "amigos" of our waiter and waitress. We talked about chips, the fact that "Jesus is God and God is Jesus" (really), Star Wars, how much he loves Sprite and that we should have more dates just "you and me, mama." I think he's right. We should and we will.

2. We were supposed to have our family pictures taken this evening by our friend Sarah from Cookwire Photography. The thunder, lightening and rain canceled that plan. Since we were all ready for pictures, Todd took out the tripod and snapped  a few.  Here are my favorites...


3. I'm so glad that we have our oft' taken for granted printer. I've given it a work out today printing out things for our Washington DC trip. Exciting. This week we finally received confirmation for a White House tour! Yay!

4. The rain has changed several plans for us this week, but I'm just going to choose not to complain about. We always need it in the burning, hot summers. It's been so nice to see it.  

5. For a while now I've been wanting some cute little ballet slipper type shoes. I found these today for a great price. I love TJ Maxx.

6. A friend posted the link to this article on her twitter page the other day. As a realist, it has given me some food for thought.