Sunday, August 7, 2011

The things I'm thankful for today.....

1. The boys and I were able to spend a few days at the beach this week. It was an unexpected and fun trip. There was lots of seaweed, but it was still the beach. Thanks to my friend Liz, I was able to take a walk all by myself one morning. Early morning walks on the beach are one of my favorite things.

2. We celebrated Grant's 12th birthday this week. Time flies. I'm thankful for his gentle spirit, his careful ways and all the other things that make him such a gift to our family.

3. Fresh okra and tomatoes from Poppa's garden.

4. One more week of summer. I'm really not ready for Grant to start back to school yet. The summers seem to keep getting shorter and shorter.

5. The book of Hebrews. Challenging to study, but good.

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