Thursday, February 23, 2012

My poor neglected blog...

I feel sort of bad. My new blog has taken up all of my writing time and this one has been neglected. Honestly, it's easier to write here. This one is about daily life, not something I publish on Facebook or really ever think about most people reading. It's just our family journal mostly. Comfortable.

So, it's time for an update on life, I guess.

1. Our schedules and evenings have been full. Basketball practice, meetings for church and school stuff, community group. All things we love and the busyness makes the days off even more enjoyable.

2. Grant had his first Cotillion. He had such a great time. In the weeks preceding the dance, he had dance lessons in PE and etiquette lessons at school, we went suit shopping and I had to buy him a size 16 jacket and pants (that was traumatic for me) and we talked a lot about what the night would be like. I spent one evening at the school helping hang lights. The night of the dance, he looked like quite the gentleman. I know I may be a little partial, but I'm pretty sure he was the most handsome boy there. The gym was beautiful! Lights, fabric, covered chairs- it didn't look like a gym anymore. There were place cards on the table, dance cards and a wonderful meal served by school faculty. He had a great time. Since Todd was on the clean up crew, I had planned for Grant and I to have some time when he got home to have some hot chocolate and talk about the night. When he came in he was so exhausted after dancing 21 dances (!), that he could barely keep his eyes open. We chatted about the highlights, then he hit the shower and bed. I'm so thankful he has this fun memory.

3. Gabe and I are still working on "preschool" around here. From December through mid-January we were pretty inconsistent. There was so much going on, we just fit "school" stuff in when we could, which, honestly, was not as much as I should have.

Because he loves it so much, so I'm making myself be more faithful. We practice letters with games and crafts. He loves to draw, so we have added a special "art class" using this Usborne Book. I love Usborne's drawing books. They have simple steps and really build his confidence.

More catching up coming soon.

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