Thursday, April 19, 2012

John Mark McMillan

Monday night Todd and I went with our friends Amy and Allen to see John Mark McMillan in concert at WorkPlay. It was an amazing show, full of worship and talented musicians who obviously loved what they were doing. I went in liking John Mark's music and came out loving it.

This is my current favorite...

Love You Swore
John Mark McMillan

Chase me down like a lion
Like a bird of prey
Lift me up from the ashes
Of my hearts own shallow grave

Cause I know that I love you
But sometimes I’m afraid

Whoa oh…

Spare my body from the wolves, God
That crouch down at my door
Lift me up above the waters
And the sharks that guard your shore
Cause I know that I need you
But sometimes I know it more

Whoa oh…

Harbor me in the eye of the storm
I’m holding on to love you swore

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